Meet The Owner

My name is Allison and I launched To a Tea Herbals in early February 2023. I was already starting to look at life through a more holistic lense, making the switch to non-toxic household products and all-natural body care products, but my interest in studying herbalism truly sparked when my mother was suffering from respiratory issues in 2021. Tea with mullein leaf helped clear all the "trash" or "debris" from her lungs, as her doctor called it. I immediately knew I wanted to find more natural and holistic ways to support her health and mine. I started self-studying herbalism, then enrolled in herbalism courses. Next, I started a small apothecary at home, studied my herbs and crafted my recipes... and here we are!

Thank you all for being here. I am also using this space to share free information. Be sure to check out the Herb of the Day Series blog and more informational posts on To a Tea social media pages.

Stick around, let's keep healing and learning together.